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Square scarf size: 140cm x 140cm

Rectangular scarf size: 43cm x 180cm

100% Silk, Hand wash only

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To keep warm is not just consider in Fall, but through out the whole year , especially for city women. The temperature variance between air conditioning and outdoor consist the importance of body warmth.

Introducing Sentiris, the local designer brand which aim at concerning the user’s behaviour and need, especially for female customers.


Inspired by the nature scenery of Gardens, we launch the first collection- The Garden. Fusion with different design elements, we create different patterns for different outcomes. We use 100% silk for the material as it is light weight, smooth touch and reduce static electricity. Our square scarf size is slightly larger from usual for we consider the usage of wrapping around the body. We also include a protection bag for the scarf.




#12 Floral Floral

#10 Stain glass

#21 Three flowers

#15 Mirror Mirror

#52 Fireworks

#56 Rose

#40 Crystyalize

#27 Birdy

#47 Fresh

#51 Kaleidoscope

#59 Flows

#31 Rabbit jump



#19 Orchidaceae

#22 Cross lines

#24 Artistic

#34 Forest


#33 Bird fly bird

#42 Berries

#35 Goldfish

#36 Deco




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